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Plans & Pricing

Whether you’re new to testing with assistive technology or a seasoned professional, we’re here to help you build your accessible future.


Instant testing when you need it

$19 / month, billed annually, or $24 monthly



Free 14 day trial. Perfect for a11y pros.

$39 / month, billed annually, or $49 monthly


Perfect for teams of 2 to 5 professionals.

$99 / month, billed annually, or $124 monthly


Give your organization access to NVDA, JAWS, and more.

From $299 / month, billed annually, or $379 monthly

  • Unlimited testing minutes
  • 5+ parallel tests
  • Test internal/local websites
  • Test older AT versions
  • Test all AT + browser combos
  • Share with unlimited users
  • AT Support Desk
  • Free AT training
  • JAWS*
  • ZoomText/Fusion*

Extended trial available, contact us!

* requires a valid license

Free for Open Source

Open source projects help lay the foundation for an accessible web. Contact us to learn more.

Nonprofit Discount

Nonprofit discount available on all plans. Contact us to apply with your nonprofit documentation.

All Plans Include

Screen readers

  • NVDA
  • MacOS VoiceOver Coming soon
  • Narrator

Display modes

  • Windows High Contrast
  • Reader mode - Edge
  • Windows Reduce Motion

Screen magnifiers

  • Windows Screen Magnifier
  • MacOS Zoom Coming soon

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a free trial?

Yes, when you sign up for a new account, you have 14 days of the Professional plan to try real screen readers and other assistive technologies, no credit card required.

Sessions are limited to 10 minutes at a time during your trial.

Interested in the Company plan? Send us an email to get set up with an extended trial for you and your team.

What are parallel tests?

Parallel tests are how many people can test in Assistiv Labs simultaneously, or in parallel. In the real world, 1 parallel test would be like purchasing a single laptop for your team — only one person can borrow the laptop at a time, but as soon as they’re finished, some one else can have a turn.

A single user can use > 1 parallel test. This is often handy for comparing the behavior of different ATs side-by-side.

What happens if I run out of parallel tests?

When there are as many tests running in parallel as your plan allows, the next user who attempts to start a session will see an error message. Currently running tests are unaffected.

What does “share with unlimited users” mean?

The Company plan allows you to invite coworkers and teammates to your Assistiv Labs account, as many as you’d like as long as everyone’s email address ends in the same domain. This helps ensure that everyone in your company has access to test assistive technologies when they need it, sort of like sharing physical laptops — but without the hassle of moving around a piece of hardware.

What’s the AT Support Desk?

The AT Support Desk can answer you and your team’s questions about how to use different assistive technologies, on demand. For example, if a UI component isn’t working with NVDA like you’d expect, we can help you troubleshoot whether it’s NVDA, the browser, your code, or even user error.

30 minute average response time, 9-5 Pacific.

What if I decide to cancel?

You can cancel your subscription at any time to stop auto-renewal. Subscriptions are active until the end of your billing cycle. Cancellation does not delete your Assistiv Labs account, you can resubscribe at any time.

How does internal/local testing work?

AssistivTunnel is a small command line interface (CLI) that creates a secure connection between your computer and virtual machines or mobile devices running in Assistiv Labs. Any website you can access in your local browser will also work in an Assistiv Labs test session, including localhost and sites behind VPN or an intranet.

Do assistive technologies in Assistiv Labs behave exactly the same as they do on physical devices?

Yes, we’ve performed extensive testing to ensure this is the case.