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Using JAWS with Assistiv Labs for Companies

JAWS is a popular paid screen reader developed by Freedom Scientific. According to the latest WebAIM Screen Reader Survey, JAWS was the primary desktop/laptop screen reader for 53.7% of respondents.

Line chart of primary screen reader usage since October 2009. JAWS has a steady decline from 68% to 40% in 2019, but jumped to 54% in 2021. NVDA has steady incline from 3% to 41%, then down to 31% in 2021. VoiceOver has a slow incline from 10% to 13%, then down to 7% in 2021.

License requirements

Because JAWS is a paid screen reader, you’ll need to have a valid license to use it with Assistiv Labs. See JAWS’s official product page for a comparison of the different licenses available.

A popular option is the 90-Day Timed License which grants access to JAWS, ZoomText, or Fusion for up to one user at a time, for 90 days. Multi-user licenses are also supported, including network license servers (hosted in your infrastructure or ours). Licensing via USB dongles is not supported at this time.

Note: the optional Remote Desktop/Citrix® add-on is not currently required.

Getting started

Email with details on which license you’ve purchased (90-Day Timed, multi-user, professional, etc) and we will help get dedicated VMs with your license activated added to your account.

Can I use 40-minute mode?

No, JAWS’s 40-minute minute mode is not licensed for commercial use (like software and website testing). For more information, see the JAWS EULA.