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Squash your accessibility bugs. For good.

Accessibility is a human right. So do it right. Ensure your UI flows are and stay accessible with Assistiv Labs’ end-to-end accessibility testing service.

This is not another scan-my-page-and-tell-me-everything-that’s-wrong-with-it tool that only tells you 25%1 of what’s actually wrong. This is for the other 75%. How? We work with you to understand the intent behind your UX. Only then do we encode it into tests.

Montage of screenshots of test runners, results, and video recordings of testing sessions

How it works.

  1. We collaborate with you to create your test plan, covering your most important user flows with tests that ensure both great UX and WCAG compliance.

  2. You’re free to run tests as much as you like.2 Integrate with your CI/CD pipeline. Test on production, staging, localhost, anything with a URL. Our tests are fast and help you quickly zero in on defects.

  3. Our team of experts analyze every test failure to keep your test suite flake-free. We even file issues directly in your ticket tracking system, reducing the need to triage accessibility bugs.

You all do what, now?

  • Ensure—with every change your teams ship—that your critical user flows are at least as accessible as they were before. With high confidence.

  • Attribute accessibility regressions to a specific code change before it goes live. No more wondering which team broke the thing.

  • Reduce your dependency on external audits to validate conformance. No more crossing your fingers every 6 to 12 months. Have full confidence that critical sections of your VPAT are accurate at all times. And, no more mountains of duplicative bugs.

“We love the quality of signal we get from Assistiv Labs. Their end-to-end testing service gives us peace of mind that we are always improving the accessibility of our experience.”

~Jiaxin Zheng, Technical Program Manager for Accessibility at Asana

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Automated tests 🦾 + a human touch 💪 = continuous accessibility

At Assistiv Labs, we believe accessibility is about making the web better for humans.

While we love the economies of scale automation can deliver, we recognize that there’s enough nuance involved in testing for accessibility that humans will always need to be involved.

That said, there are things the machines can do to free up humans to focus on work only they can do.

Our approach is for a dedicated Customer Success Engineer (CSE) to work with you to understand your product, develop a plan for testing critical flows, and translate your intent into tests that can be run as often as needed.

In other words, we acknowledge that building an inclusive web is hard work. Our approach is to provide the tools to help you do the work.

We’re your partner. For good.

Comparison of testing techniques
Static Code Analysis (e.g., axe-core)Manual Conformance Testing (e.g., audits)End-to-End Accessibility Testing
✅ Fast🚫 Slow✅ Fast
🚫 Cheap🚫 Expensive✅ High ROI
🚫 Limited WCAG coverage✅ Broadest WCAG coverage🚫 Broad WCAG coverage
✅ Consistent results🚫 Inconsistent results✅ Consistent results


What is end-to-end testing?

End-to-end (sometimes abbreviated “e2e”) tests automate the validation of steps through a user interface.

Does my site/product already need to be accessible for this to have value?

No, your product doesn’t need to be perfect to get started. Through the test writing process, we can help you understand how accessible your flows are today. Our knownIssue API enables us to meet your product where it is today while easily tracking future progress.

How much does it cost?

Our pricing is based on the concept of “interactions.” An interaction is a test step that changes the page (e.g., filling in a form field, clicking a button, etc.). You subscribe to a bucket of steps (50, 100, etc.), keeping your costs predictable. Subscriptions start at $2,500/month.

I’m a developer. Can I see in more detail how this will work with my existing workflow?

Check out this video demonstrating how easily our tests integrate with pull requests.

You can also have the tests running as part of a cron job, or even run them locally!

This all sounds great! Do you have a PDF I can send to my boss?

Indeed we do! Here are one-pagers about Assistiv Labs and about our End-to-End Accessibility Testing service.

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  1. Source: Automated Accessibility Testing Tools: How Much Do Scans Catch?
  2. Up to 100 times per day and we’re working to raise that limit.