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Accessibility Statement

We want to give everyone easy access to different assistive technologies for testing, including users with disabilities. This page is intended to help outline Assistiv Labs’s commitment to accessibility and provide a channel for feedback on how we’re doing.

Our commitment

Assistiv Labs is designed and engineered from the ground up to be inclusive. We strive to exceed the guidelines set by WCAG 2.1 AA.


In some cases, our ability to achieve our goals can be limited by technologies outside of our control. We certainly wish that wasn’t the case and are always looking at ways to circumvent them, but we hope that the value our service provides outweighs some of the limitations.

Keyboard shortcuts

For example, say you’ve used your web browser to join an Assistiv Labs testing session for NVDA + Firefox running on Windows 10. Certain keyboard shortcuts you would normally expect to work with NVDA, Firefox, or Windows 10 might not work. If you press ctrl + tab intending to switch to the next browser tab, it will end up switching browser tabs on your local computer’s browser, not the remote’s. This is because your web browser has prevented that keyboard shortcut from being sent to the Assistiv Labs web app (which is probably a good thing, you likely wouldn’t want a website to take control from you like that).

We are actively looking at alternative methods for these cases. If you have ideas, please share them!

Screen reader captions

In another example, we try to pre-configure screen readers to show their speech output as captions by default, so anyone who might need or prefer to read the output can. However, the JAWS screen reader does not provide a great way to view its speech output. While we’d love Assistiv Labs technology to help fix that (perhaps by auto-generating captions on the fly), it does not currently.

External devices

Lastly, if you use assistive hardware to operate your computer that connects via USB or Bluetooth, Assistiv Labs doesn’t currently forward those device connections to the remote computer. This feature is in our roadmap.


We’re the first to admit this is a work in progress, but we always want to be better! Your feedback is extremely important to us. To contact the team with your accessibility feedback or challenges, please email