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Assistiv Labs June 2020 Product Updates

Here’s what’s new in assistive technologies, browsers, and Assistiv Labs this June.

Assistive technology updates

NVDA releases 2020.2beta1 and 2020.2beta2 for testing (full changelog). Highlights include:

  • Improved Windows OneCore synthesizer support
  • No longer speaks “object replacement character” (#11177)
  • In browse mode in Firefox and Chrome, text no longer incorrectly appears on a separate line when using display: inline-flex. (#11075)

JAWS’s June 2020 update is out. Highlights include:

  • Improved Braille Viewer and a new Text Viewer that displays the current line of text in large type, without formatting
  • Pressing ENTER no longer turns off Forms Mode in edit fields
  • Improved indication of ARIA group names for check boxes and list items
  • Fixed issue where button labels were being announced twice when using INSERT+B to read the contents of some dialog boxes

Browser updates

Firefox started the month by releasing 77.0 and closed it out with 78.0. Highlights include:

  • Fixed some live regions not reporting updated text with JAWS (#1639108)
  • Date/time inputs now have accessible labels when wrapped with a <label> (#1629078)
  • Several major fixes for VoiceOver as part of a concentrated effort: #1639623, #1625184, #1625192, #1625196, #1624909
  • With JAWS, pressing the down arrow in an HTML input control with a datalist no longer incorrectly moves the cursor to the next element after the input control (#1409084)
  • Large tables with thousands of rows now load much faster for screen reader users (#1638238)
  • Text input controls with custom styling now correctly show the focus outline when appropriate

Chrome introduced 84 into the beta channel, but stable remains on 83, which most notably includes a redesign of form controls, as well as:

Microsoft Edge also remains on 83, and adds 84 to the beta channel.

Assistiv Labs updates

In addition to supporting the new ATs and browsers above, connection times for new sessions was reduced and starting a JAWS session no longer occasionally shows a dialog with “The Freedom Scientific Accessibility display driver is not properly installed.”

That’s all for this month. If you have any questions, I’m on the other side of this email — just hit reply.

Weston Thayer, Founder
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