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Assistiv Labs July 2020 Product Updates

Here’s what’s new in assistive technologies, browsers, and Assistiv Labs this July.

Assistive technology updates

NVDA releases 2020.2. No documented changes since 2020.2rc2, but here’s the highlights in case you missed them last month:

  • Improved Windows OneCore synthesizer support
  • No longer speaks “object replacement character” (#11177)
  • In browse mode in Firefox and Chrome, text no longer incorrectly appears on a separate line when using display: inline-flex. (#11075)

Browser updates

Firefox 79.0 is here. Highlights include:

As a final note, Firefox is actively working on supporting an accessible <dialog>. Stay tuned!

Chrome 84 is here.

  • WakeLock API is now supported — a website can prevent your mobile screen from dimming while in the foreground
  • The Inspect Mode Tooltip now includes the accessible name, role, and focusability
  • role="alertdialog" now works with NVDA (1071838)
  • Chrome permissions dialogs no longer announce 2-3 times in JAWS and NVDA (1007103)

Chrome 85 is now in beta and supports exporting tagged PDFs.

Microsoft Edge 84 is also here, with 85 in the beta channel. No notable a11y fixes in the release notes, but hopefully a public issue tracker is in the works so I can get you all the gritty details!

Assistiv Labs updates

Support for all the latest ATs and browsers. The early access period is almost over, soon Assistiv Labs will be generally available!

That’s all for this month. If you have feedback, questions, or want to know more about specific bug fixes, I’m on the other side of this email — just hit reply.

Weston Thayer, Founder
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